Health and Safety Precautions

Boldfish Video Production Inc. is committed to ensure the safety of all individuals present
on a film set. In accordance with recommendations from the BC Centre for Disease Control,
the following precautions will be standard on all Boldfish film sets:

Physical Distancing
● Boldfish crew will physical distance 6 feet and will wear masks for the duration of
the shoot.
● Boldfish will seek to film in spaces that are outdoors, or which have adequate space
to allow for physical distancing.
● Boldfish will set up interview lighting, camera and sound using the crew as
stand-ins. When the set is ready for interviewees we will have set things up to
enable 6 feet distancing at all times.
● When filming supporting footage, Boldfish will use lenses that enable 6 feet
distancing as we capture the necessary footage for the project.
● Boldfish respectfully requests that subjects wear masks when they are not being

● Boldfish will ensure hand sanitizer is available for crew and interviewees.
● Depending on shoot location and availability of bathrooms, Boldfish will ensure
that appropriate sanitizing equipment is available to sanitize shared touch points
before and after use.

Additional Precautions
● Boldfish will limit the amount of crew members on set during a shoot.
● When filming indoors, we will encourage ventilation by opening doors and windows
as appropriate.
● Provide a safe place for individuals to dispose of used sanitizing wipes and
disposable protective equipment.