COVID-19 has caused us to ask a lot of questions about our business, the future, and our economy. Chances are 2021 is not going to look much different.

How do I keep my staff employed?

How do I pivot?

How do I keep my business relevant?

How do I continue to promote and market my business?

How do I create content when I'm not comfortable with a film crew coming into my business?

Like most businesses, we've had to adapt to the changing economic landscape. In response to the questions above we have decided to offer businesses like yours, the opportunity to learn some very useful skills. With more and more transactions taking place online it is becoming even more vital to communicate your business's products, services, unique offerings...clearly, concisely, visually.

Management and Employee education is one of the most valuable and reasonably priced investments you can make



  • Writing

  • Storyboarding

  • Shotlisting

Video & Photography

  • Composition

  • Sequences

  • Lighting

  • Audio

  • Interviewing Techniques

Technical Requirements

  • Platforms

  • Gear